Physical Therapy

Welcome to BALANCE Fitness for Life Physical Therapy, where our approach is an integrated, holistic treatment philosophy based in somatic awareness.  Dysfunction and pain are as unique as we are human.  Pain in one area of our life may translate as physical dysfunction in our body.  We are expert body workers who believe in treating the whole body to find the origin of the pain, not merely treating the symptoms of pain.  Due to our vast experience in Integrative Health throughout the lifespan, we are pleased to offer many complementary therapies from around the world to assist your journey in health.  Our collective experience and education is unrivaled in the industry, as you can tell by our formal training and certification.

At BALANCE Fitness for Life Physical Therapy we are proud to have licensed physical therapists, a certified yoga instructor, a licensed massage therapist, strength and conditioning specialist and a licensed and certified women’s health exercise specialist on staff that may help you on your path to overall wellness.

We believe recovery is accelerated through teamwork, therefore we encourage our patients to be active in their treatment by becoming their own best therapist.  We empower our patients by teaching self treatment techniques, postural reeducation, biomechanics, ergonomics principles and home exercise programs specifically tailored to each individual’s needs. 

Balance Fitness for Life Physical Therapy understands the intimacy of women specific issues and promotes our personalized treatment programs which cater to a women’s entire well-being.  BALANCE Fitness for Life specializes in a variety of health care needs exclusive to women.

Our specialty areas include the spine, sports, obstetrics, gynecology, urology, manipulative, integrative somatic and osteopathic therapies, women’s health, fertility and pregnancy health education and therapies, lifestyle, sexual and health education and management strategies.

Please contact us at 630.321.2296 with any additional questions or to schedule your appointment.




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