As menopause approaches, be sure you’re working closely with your physician for a smoother transition to this new phase in your life. This is also a great time to explore proven, sound ways to enhance your well-being.

At Antares Institute of Integrative Health, we use a holistic approach with a focus on prevention. It’s important at every age, but it’s especially vital during menopause to protect your lasting good health. The gynecologists of West Suburban Women’s Health are leaders in menopause health. They supervise all the services we offer at Antares, so you can feel confident in our care.

Our integrative health and wellness services for women in perimenopause and menopause include:

  • Prevention of heart disease
  • Osteoporosis testing with the DEXA scan – the “gold standard” for bone density testing
  • Exercise for bone health, including aerobic exercise and the weightbearing exercise that helps keep bones strong.
  • Nutrition counseling to manage weight, improve energy and improve menopause symptoms
  • Stress reduction with yoga, biofeedback, meditation, massage and alternative bodywork therapies
  • Medspa services to keep you looking and feeling beautiful, including laser skin rejuvenation for brighter, firmer more radiant skin

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